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The Redding DTC is the official local organization
of the Connecticut Democratic Party.


Our Platform

• Elect great candidates for local, state and federal offices.
• Support responsible town budgets and fiscal policy
• Be responsible stewards of our land, water and air.
• Raise money to support our candidates for election.
• Welcome new residents to Redding!


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Dear Redding Democrats,
Here is the Agenda for this month’s meeting: 
1.  Chair’s Report


2.  Treasurer’s Report


3.  Operating Rules


4.  Georgetown Day
5.  Guest Speaker: Dr. Kim Yonkers, Board of Finance Chair
6.  Other Business
7.  Adjournment
8.  Guest Candidates:
  • Will Haskell  (challenging Toni Boucher)
  • Guy Smith    (gubernatorial candidate)
  • Luke Bronin  (gubernatorial candidate)
  • Ned Lamont  (gubernatorial candidate)
  • Chris Mattei  (AG candidate)
  • William Tong (AG candidate)
  • Clare Kindall (AG candidate)

DTC members:  For quorum purposes, please let me know if you cannot attend the meeting, by responding to this email; emailing macarman2@gmail.com; or with a text or call to (203)312-4545.
Mary Ann Carman
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Find us at online at http://reddingdemocrats.org.
“The same ambition can destroy or save, 
and make a patriot as it makes a knave.”
— Alexander Pope
Here is the schedule of upcoming Conventions:
* April 13 – April 23: Democratic State Central Committee elections and Permanent Convention Committee elections
◦ 26th DSCC District = 6 Delegates
* State Convention: May 18 – May 19 (US Senate, Gov, Lt. Gov, Sec State, Treasurer, State Comptroller, AG)
◦ 6 Delegates
* U.S House of Representatives Conventions: May 14
◦ 4th Congressional = 6 Delegates
* Multi-Town State House Conventions: May 16
◦ 2nd State House District = 2 Delegates
◦ 135th State House District = 4 Delegates
* State Senate Conventions: May 21
◦ 26th State Senate District = 6 Delegates
* Judge of Probate (multi-town): May 23
◦ 45th Probate Court District = 6 Delegates

Redding Democrats Back Raghib Allie-Brennan for State Representative

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The Redding Democratic Town Committee voted unanimously to officially endorse Raghib Allie-Brennan for State Representative, District 2, at a recent meeting, in anticipation of the upcoming party conventions. Mr. Allie-Brennan ran as the Democratic candidate for the district in 2016 in a close race, garnering 49% of the total vote in what has been generally considered a Republican stronghold. The 2nd district encompasses parts of Redding, Danbury, and Newtown; and all of Bethel. Will Duff,…

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Elected Officials

There are currently 28 democrats that hold elected office in Redding. If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please contact us. View a listing of the current Redding DTC members and elected officials.


The Redding DTC:

  • Nominates candidates for office.
  • Recruits and recommends appointees to town boards and commissions.
  • Organizes campaigning in Redding on behalf of all Democratic candidates.
  • Ensures that our party’s values and positions are a vital part of the governance of the town, state and nation.

Register to Vote!

Get voter registration information and absentee ballots from Michele Grande, Redding’s Town Clerk. Get information on upcoming town meetings and calendars here.


Meet your elected officials! 

Julia Pemberton

First Selectman

Margaret (Peg) O'Donnell

Board of Selectman

Scott Smith

Zoning Board of Appeals

Michele Grande

Town Clerk

Gwen Denny

Region 9 Board of Education

Tobey Welles

Planning Commission