Committees of the Redding DTC to be Reconstituted April/May 2018


Dan Barrett – Chairman
Mike D’Agostino – Vice Chairman
Karen Dolan – Vice Chairman
Margi Esten – Vice Chairman
Mary Ann Carman – Secretary
Peg O’Donnell – Treasurer

Mike D’Agostino – Chair
Dan Barrett
Peter Bonfanti
Jane Ross
Kimberly Yonkers
Peggy Zamore

Mary Ann Carman – Chair
Daniel Barrett
Ed Dzubak
Alex Gormley
Heather Whaley

Margi Esten – Chair
Mary Lou Carlson
Sharon Hoverman
Heather Whaley


Janice Meehan
Peg O’Donnell
Kimberly Yonkers

Margi Esten – Chair
Dan Barrett
Peter Bonfanti
Mary Ann Carman
Mike D’Agostino
Tina Miller
Peg O’Donnell
Julia Pemberton

Members At Large
Jamie Barickman
Angela Caes
Diana Carlino
Paula Darlington
Gwen Denny
Karen Dolan
Karen Gifford
Michele Grande
Cheryl Graziano
Edward Miller
Lea Mintz
Bob Moran
Mary Lee Pampel
David Pattee
Adam Schwartz
Sharon Young