Town Meeting Vote on Fracking Set for Jan. 8

By January 3, 2018DTC News
Redding will vote January 8th whether or not to take local action to ban this toxic waste. Only those who attend will be able to cast a vote.  Please spread the word to anyone you know in Redding who may care about this issue.
If you thought we had a state-wide ban on fracking waste, we don’t. We have a temporary moratorium filled with loopholes. Current law also requires the CT Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to submit import regulations for review between now and July 1st. This puts CT on a path for importing fracking waste by tanker trucks along our highways. Threats to towns include potential new permits for tank farm storage and transfer locations, industrial truck traffic leading to treatment locations and the possibility that fill that has had fracking waste added to it will be used for construction projects and/or road base material.
Towns that have passed local ordinances banning this waste are able to prohibit storage, handling, treatment and application of fracking waste as a de-icer on roads and property. Authority is granted for towns to protect public health and ban wastes through Section 7-148 in CT General Statutes.
Redding and Weston will potentially become the the first towns in the Norwalk River Watershed to pass local ordinances banning this waste.

Author Mary Ann Carman

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