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By June 2, 2018DTC News

The Redding-Georgetown Democratic Town Committee is the proud sponsor of the following scholarships and awards, presented at the 2018 Joel Barlow High School Annual Awards Ceremony this Thursday:

~ Alvin Ruml Environmental Studies Prize — Philip Bard
“for a student who, through excellence in the subject area, best demonstrated an interest in, and awareness of, the importance of our natural environment.”

~ Dr. Hugh Claremont Science Award — Julia Kochersperger
“for a student who, through excellence in the subject area, demonstrates an interest in science.”

~ John G. Atwood Good Government Prize — Nathaniel Sanders
“to a junior student who best demonstrates an understanding of and appreciation for our form of government, its unique contribution to history, and its status as an inspiration to peoples of the world.”

~ Mary Anne Guitar Award — Lucia Gorman*
“designated for a junior, female who is a leader amongst her peers and a strong community activist.”

Each student received an Amazon Gift Certificate and copy of “Connecticut Icons: Classic Symbols of the Nutmeg State” highlighting the independent spirit and local pride at the heart of this great state.

*Lucia is the first recipient of this newly-named annual award

Author Mary Ann Carman

Mary Ann Carman is Secretary of the Redding DTC, and Chair of the Communications Committee. She can be reached at reddingdems@gmail.com

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