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Redding Democrats

The Redding DTC is the official local organization
of the Connecticut Democratic Party.


Our Platform

• Elect great candidates for local, state and federal offices.
• Support responsible town budgets and fiscal policy
• Be responsible stewards of our land, water and air.
• Raise money to support our candidates for election.
• Welcome new residents to Redding!


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     Our world drastically changed several months ago. The challenges we now face will have a lasting influence on our lives and our community. Please continue to remain safe and healthy, and do all you can to look out for each other.     
     The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. Nearly 100,000 Americans have lost their lives to the virus and thousands more have died across the world. We in Redding feel this loss, too. Many have suffered the loss of a friend or loved one. Other families face different losses, trying to persevere through challenging times with fewer resources or reduced incomes. The collateral effects of this pandemic have tested our patience, our compassion, and our willpower.     
     But, that which fails to divide us, helps brings us closer together as a community.      
     My grandparents raised their family in Stamford, CT, amidst the large Italian community on the west side. Whenever I would go to visit my grandmother, people would bring over vegetables from their gardens, come over for a cup of coffee, or just stop by to share the latest news of the neighborhood. I remember asking my dad why my grandparents knew everyone, and had such great neighbors. My father said, “During the tough times of the Great Depression, everyone helped each other and people never forget that.”      
     The past few months have proved my father was right. We have seen an outpouring of generosity and kindness that we will never forget. Our essential workforce and emergency/medical professionals continue to be our frontline heroes, risking potential exposure to help the community stay safe and healthy. Residents have sent countless emails, looking to donate funding to the CT Food Bank or Redding Food Pantry.      
     We will get through this difficult time together. It may be hard to believe now, but one day our children will go back to school, our community will gather on the Town Green to light the Holiday Tree, and we will hug each other to celebrate our successes.
     Most importantly, we will remember the respect and kindness we gave to one another during this time.     
     If we remain strong and resilient, we will overcome these challenges, and our actions will have a lasting effect that helps bring our community together.
     Mike D’Agostino, Redding DTC Chair, May 26th 2020
     Mike can be reached at mdags@aol.com     

Good News for Voters!

Connecticut voters will be allowed to cast mail-in ballots for the presidential primary. ihttps://www.courant.com/coronavirus/hc-news-coronavirus-primary-election-absentee-ballots-order-20200520-qvrqzkcqmveednqqhvcxup7fbu-story.html


Like podcasts?  Check out the CTDEMS “Donkey Talk: A Political Podcast

Hear CT state leaders talk about hot political topics as we head into the heart of this election year.

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A Juneteenth statement from the Redding Democrats. Black Lives Matter.

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The ongoing use of excessive force against Black Americans has reawakened our social conscience.   At this moment in time, we must do all we can to effect real change in order to address the fears and hardships of over forty million Americans; citizens who have suffered generational biases and mistreatment based solely on the color of their skin. We must lobby for systemic reform to eliminate discrimination, racial profiling, and the unfair treatment of…

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Dear CT Students, Senator Will Haskell says We Need You:

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If you are a student, please consider providing feedback to the questions posed by the Connecticut State Department of Education about how to make distance learning more effective. Your voice and ideas are crucial to this conversation. Schools will be sending out more information on how to participate and all responses are anonymous and take as little as 5 – 10 minutes to complete. — Will Haskell CT STUDENTS: As Office of Governor Ned Lamont, Connecticut State Department…

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Elected Officials

There are currently 28 democrats that hold elected office in Redding. If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please contact us. View a listing of the current Redding DTC members and elected officials.


The Redding DTC:

  • Nominates candidates for office.
  • Recruits and recommends appointees to town boards and commissions.
  • Organizes campaigning in Redding on behalf of all Democratic candidates.
  • Ensures that our party’s values and positions are a vital part of the governance of the town, state and nation.

Register to Vote!

Get voter registration information and absentee ballots from Michele Grande, Redding’s Town Clerk. Get information on upcoming town meetings and calendars here.


Meet your elected officials! 

Julia Pemberton

First Selectman

Margaret (Peg) O'Donnell

Board of Selectman

Scott Smith

Zoning Board of Appeals

Michele Grande

Town Clerk

Gwen Denny

Region 9 Board of Education

Tobey Welles

Planning Commission